What are the Validator rewards?

How much will I earn by running a Validator?

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Running a validator is an excellent way to contribute to a project, by supporting their network to grow, and securing their network via


In return for this, you will earn Validator rewards. But just how much are these...?

Validator rewards depend on 2 things: 

1 - how many tokens you stake

2 - the current APR of the POS system

For example, to run a Unification validator, you will need FUND to stake.

If for example, you stake 100,000 FUND at 5% APR, you will earn 5000 FUND

per year.

You may then choose to sell these at any time, or compound them to increase your total FUND staked, similar to compounding interest.

This is a healthy return, and especially profitable if you believe in the project ("bullish").

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